Saturday, August 2, 2014

Montana State Fair

We drove to Great Falls on Thursday for the Montana State Fair.  Montanans are combining big time already which made for very pretty scenes as we drove.
The buildings at the Montana State Fair grounds are in an art deco style.

The King family has a long and happy association with the Thomas Shows who are the carnival here.
The managers used to give our kids endless coupons which they used for the gold diggers and skeeball.
Surprise!  Their office wagon had a vintage Weyburn Fair poster.
I always check out the displays and a number of the quilts can be seen at  Here are a few other noteworthy items.  How about a floral design using barbed wire?
There was an area of work by professional artists which included these next two.  The picture was 4' by 6'. 

There was a whole category for using cattle salt licks creatively.  Hunt your pastures for remnants now. 
Leah was disappointed that I didn't show foods from the N.D. State Fair so here are some I spotted at Great Falls.
 Would you want to eat from a food concession with this name?

Bob and I didn't try any of them because the fair had benches like this all over the place.  We figured we should measure ourselves and if we took up more than one allocated spot, then it was time to hold back on the elephant ears and other fair food.

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