Monday, January 23, 2017

A Nor'easter

Rains and winds were forecast from a nor'easter.  The winds were certainly there all day, but the rain held off until after 3 p.m., something we were thankful for.

Elizabeth packs more into her days than we do and she started the day at the Empire State Building.  She couldn't believe it when the line for the observation deck looked like this:
Up she went so she could be walloped by the wind.

She did have a pretty decent view though, seeing right out to the Statue of Liberty.
Here you can see the type of sky we enjoyed  all day.
We all agreed to meet on the Lower East Side, but I ran into Bob at the subway station.  I was grateful for his company as a rail was being repaired and it really delayed the trains.
We stopped at Economy Candy which is packed - and I mean packed - with all kinds of candy.  No Cherry Ripes from Australia though. 

Can you recognize everyone on these chocolate bar packages?

We also went to the Essex Street Market.  Neil Patrick Harris on Instagram said he likes shopping at this market.
There were pomegranites.  Their season seems to be over in Weyburn stores.
Potatoes!  What color do you want?
Jocelyn, what do you think of the price:  $3.50 for a quarter pound?  And you sometimes get it for free.

Then we took tours at the Tenement Museum.  We all took different ones and I was most pleased with the "Shop Life" one that I selected.  This museum is one of my favorites in this city.
In this neighborhood (Orchard Street) we saw quite a bit of graffiti.
We saw a few bikes set up like this with "mitts."
We had a late lunch at Katz's.  One sandwich on the menu was knobblewurst which didn't sound appetizing.  Later I found out it was garlic sausage which would have been tasty indeed.
This fed us all with some leftovers.

We saw more fur coats in Katz's than we've seen in all the rest of New York.  As well, we figured this waiter was as old as Bob and he's not retired either.
I didn't realize Russ & Daughters was just a block from Katz's.
We checked out the caviar, but didn't buy.
We didn't buy these either.  I like chocolate.  I like mint.  I like lentils.  I just don't picture them all together.
Next we headed to the Algonquin.  I want to insert a Dorothy Parker quote here, but can't think of a good one at this time of night.
Instead I'll insert two King quotes.  Mine is "Elizabeth, I haven't had any hard liquor yet and it's nearly 3 p.m."  Bob's is "just how much can a plain Coke cost anyway?"
The place Dorothy Parker and her literary gang drank was the Blue Room;  the one we were in isn't in the original location in the hotel, but it is certainly blue.
A few Broadway shows play on Monday night.  I headed off to Cats while Bob & Elizabeth went to Kinky Boots.  By the time we headed out of the hotel, the nor'easter's rain had joined its wind.

The answer to Bob's question at the Algonquin was $7!

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