Friday, January 20, 2017

Unbelievable ... NYC without Snow

Other times we've come this time of year, we have crunched around in snow.  This time there are wet roads from previous rain, but no slushy, white stuff.  We rejoice.

Our plane out of Regina was delayed because of weather in Minneapolis.  However, we made up time in the air and got to Miineapolis almost right on time.  We looked forward to a beautiful sunrise from the air as Saskatchewan sunrises this week have been amazing.
Here's Bob in our seat.
We got the only seat on the plane that had no window.  Should we insist on a discount?

The dog was working in the Minneapolis airport. The gentle giant wasn't a drug sniffer, rather he was a therapy dog.  He'd wait patiently while you petted him.  If you were a nervous flier, petting him would relax you and you would go onto your flight more calmly.
It was very gray in Minneapolis, but our flight got away on time and we got to New York City at supper time..

Elizabeth dashed to Times Square while Bob and I settled into the hotel room.  Liz found tickets for the Broadway show In Transit.  It's a very good acapella musical.

We stopped in a drug store to buy soap, but I got waylaid at the beer cooler.  Beer in drug stores?  

King tradition says that the first evening has to end in the tiny, mini, wee Cupcakes by Melissa store.  And there we have to choose which tiny, mini, wee cupcakes we want.

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