Sunday, January 22, 2017

Addled Brain

My brain's not addled today, but it was yesterday.  I forgot to mention a couple of fun things we did.  Elizabeth and I ate in a German beer hall called the Reichenbach.  While we enjoyed our spaetzle, we watched the group beside us order a pretzel to share.  It was about 20" long and we thought it was their meal.  Nope.  Their main dishes came later, one of them being a huge hunk of meat (maybe six inches square) with a knife thrust through it.
In true American tradition the restaurant gave us three times what we could eat.  Liz asked for the leftovers to be boxed and asked for a plastic knife and fork.  Her heart is kind as she then gave it to a homeless person.

From there we went to Mood fabric shop which is famous from Project Runway.  I'll go back another day as I only had time for one of the three floors.

Last night's musical was really good.  None of our seats were together and it was my turn to meet interesting people.  The elderly couple were from Astoria in Queens.  Some of the movie A Bronx Tale was filmed across from their house in 1993.  The man's career had been at the Waldorf Astoria.
Today was misty but not rainy.
We bought our subway passes and headed to Brooklyn.
Thank heaven I'm with two navigators, one who believes in paper maps and one who believes in electronic maps.
We saw beautiful brownstones as we headed to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. 
There were lots of benches, but almost all were empty as people were too busy playing with their dogs or enjoying the urban scenery.

The following photo shows the iconic Jane's Carousel which is under the Brooklyn Bridge.

My kid-at-heart Liz spent $2 to ride it.
Then it was time for lunch.  Yes, all of this happened before lunch. 
I thought we were eating Ukrainian food until I spotted the map on the wall.  We decided the green area was Slovakia and the waitress said we were correct.  Hence, we were eating Slovakian pierogies. 
We had three kinds of pierogies, kiobasa sliders and pickled golden beets.  How do you say "yum" in Slovakian?

Across from the restaurant was this nondescript house for sale.  Who will guess what it's going for?  Barb?  In Weyburn I figure it would be in the $200,000s.
You can check it out by googling 304 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn.

We toured the Transit Museum and then headed over to BAM theater for a matinee performance of an Irish play.  Our seatmates weren't quite as interesting ... that is, we sat with each other!

Supper for three came to $19 but we had to throw out leftover food. 
In the evening, back in Manhattan, Liz went skating at Rockefeller Center.

We oldsters were content to stay in our room with the $6-but-totally-worth-it Sunday edition of the New York Times.
Good night from this enchanted city.

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