Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blue Skies

We opened the curtains to blue skies.  We said goodbye to wind, rain, and clouds. I decided to take things a little easier today so I didn't head out at 9:30 like the other two did.  I read a bit from this book.
I've looked for it forever.  It was published in 1949 and is considered the ultimate NYC book.  You know E. B. White from his books Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.  I found this re-published copy at the Tenement Museum.

When I headed out, I couldn't resist blue sky photos.

I checked out the market part of Eataly.

What are these spiky fruits used for?
Aussie friends, would you pay this for wizened passion fruit?  I always crave them, but wouldn't purchase these.
I walked half a block to have lunch at Eisenberg's.  The place is at most 12 feet wide and has 12 employees,  It must be a good place as the employees were happy and joking with each other and four of them were eating Eisenberg food at the counter.  

Also nearby was a Lego store.  These two children would love it.

However, Nathan and Riley, Grandpa and I will take you to Disneyworld before we bring you here.  I dislike all the people at Times Square who try to make their living as Disney characters.  They usually have their costume heads pushed up.  It's strange that Disney never goes after them since it goes after people who use their licensed fabrics for commercial gain.
I went to the Union Square Farmers' Market and picked up dandelion jelly and fig jam.  Leah and Barb, guess what we are having on scones at our next tea?
While I was doing this, Elizabeth and Bob were having their own adventures.  Elizabeth checked out the old, wooden escalators at Macy's.  Glenda, thanks for tipping us off to them a long time ago.
She went to Lower Manhattan and spotted this seriously overcrowded tourist boat.  It reminds me of photos of refugee boats.
We all met at two to see School of Rock.  To make it even more enjoyable than it would normally be, there were large groups of school children.  110 of the students go to the same school as one of the young actors.  I wondered how many were being exposed to live theater for the first time and how many, because of this, would become life-long theater lovers.

We ate at Carmine's.
The accommodating waitress gave me the recipe for the country style rigatoni.  I'll try to recreate it next week.
These were our leftovers.
Tonight we saw the play Jitney.  It makes me sad that our pile of tickets is getting smaller and smaller.

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