Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ahead of the Trend

Our first stop of the day was a Royal Bank near our hotel so I could restock my cash supply. This one is wonderfully grand.
After that our intention was to stop for a morning donut break.
We wanted to try Cartems Donuterie near our hotel, but ....
John Catucci, the host of You Gotta Eat Here, was going to be filming his show there today.  We were there before him so keep watching where we eat.
Elizabeth was familiar with another Cartems in a different neighborhood so we headed there.  Which donut would you pick?

The special which was a chocolate campfire donut.

Cartems was kind enough to let us drink our 49th Parallel tea in their cafe to wash down the donuts. 
Then we headed out to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  My high school and university friends know I used to have an aversion for bridges which bordered on phobia.  I've mainly lost that aversion and I certainly did today as I am a cheap person by nature.  You have to pay one price no matter how much or how little you did so I walked that 70 meter high bridge for all 450 meters of it.  Later I did it a second time as that's the only way to get back.  I also did the treetop walk, the nature's edge walk, and the cliff walk.  Both Elizabeth and Bob stayed well ahead of me to escape any clingy nature.   Brave me!  Brave, brave me!

We then caught the ferry back to the island, passing our time with games of Scrabble.  

Once in Nanaimo, we stopped for supper at the Crow and Gate. We picked a table near one of the fires.
I had the ploughman's meal.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

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