Friday, November 27, 2015

Another Hike and Another Elf

This morning we picked up London Fogs at the Willow Street Cafe and headed past Nanaimo to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park.  The forest is stunning...

as are the upper falls.

I can't decide if some artist put this piece of bark here or it randomly fell and randomly looks like an owl.
The lower falls aren't as spectacular.  I wonder if in spring with heavy runoff, the water goes over this big rock rather than under it.

Linda, should we eat this mushroom?
This table suggests that it isn't the right time of year to picnic here.  However, it was certainly the right time to hike as we had the trail to ourselves the entire time.
Instead we went for lunch at Goats on Roof in Coombs.  I had what I've had for most lunches:  clam chowder and this was laced with dill.  Yummy!
We shared two desserts:  sticky toffee pudding cake and a Nanaimo bar.
It's best to stop at the washroom before you are too desperate.
They have enough horseradish ... er, goatradish.
I love this hedge in Chemainus as it reminds me of the yew hedges in Ireland.  This is actually cedar.

Okay, okay, I can't resist showing you one of Chemainus's murals.
Do you know what the people of Chemainus are called?  Chemainiacs!  Isn't that wonderful?

At supper Elizabeth and I had time for a few speed games of Scrabble.  Do you think I traded in letters when I had this rack?
I did.

Bob and I were lucky enough to get tickets for tonight's sold out performance of "Elf."  A family  turned in a couple of tickets that they couldn't use.  Before the show we had a family photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Mrs. Claus just happens to be Elizabeth's roommate.  Santa whispered in my ear.  He didn't whisper " have you been a good girl this year?"  Instead he whispered, "your daughter is doing a good job."
Tomorrow it's time to head home.  Finn, we'll see you soon.

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