Friday, November 20, 2015


Years ago I read some poem which had a line with the word primordial in it.  I've long forgotten what the poem and line were, but I do remember I liked the word primordial which means existing since the beginning of time.  A lot of what we saw today was primordial!

Although this all looks like something out of The Land Before Time, we were actually on the Trans Canada Trail hiking out to the Kinsol Trestle.

The Kinsol Trestle Bridge was finished in 1920 and at 44 meters high and 188 meters long, it was the largest wooden trestle in the Commonwealth and one of the highest in the world.
Look way, way up and you'll see Bob.

We didn't spend all day there. In the morning I walked along Chemainus's little beach and met this dog who insisted I was his new best friend ... that is, as long as I kept throwing his ball for him.  Because I did keep throwing it, I was his owner's best friend too.
 Then I met Elizabeth at the Willow Street Cafe for some chatter, tea, and Scrabble while Bob had plans for golfing. The greens were still frosted over so he showed up at the cafe where we cheered him up by letting him buy us lunch.

After our trestle bridge hike, Bob and I checked out the totem poles in Duncan.  Here are some of my favorites:

Don't try read something phallic into this next one.
This metal totem is incredible because ...
it's a fountain for humans and dogs.
What type of tree is this?  I wish it grew in Saskatchewan.
Since that wasn't enough activity for a day, we went to the opening of Elf tonight.  It's a hit!  I've never seen the movie which can't be as good as this musical, but I'll have to watch it when we're back in Saskatchewan.

What a wonderful island day.

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