Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bob Finds Similarities Between Finn and Me

This morning Bob and I walked on the Hermit's Trail in Chemainus.  When Bob walks Finn, the walks are always much slower than Bob wants because Finn has to sniff every tree.  When Bob walks with me, he has to wait for me to take a picture of every tree!

 Chemainus is a really pretty town filled with civic pride and I certainly wouldn't mind wintering here.  I haven't included pictures of the famous murals because I think I had most of them on my blog last Christmas.
 How many homes in Weyburn have picket fences?  Here, lots do.

This little nook downtown was idyllic until I spotted the shell for butts.  Darn, it's nothing more than a smokers' spot.
While I was checking out picket fences, Bob was checking out a fish run at Skutz Falls.
And did I find time to be by the water today?  Indeed, I did.

Hmmm.  I wonder if this shop keeper can figure out why his weekly sales aren't as great as what he hoped.
Later in the afternoon we had a good time reminiscing with Susan Ozembloski.
And how do the Kings like to spend an evening if they don't have live theater to go to?  By finding a Rotary meeting, that's how.  Chemainus's Rotarians are a lovely, friendly group.
Tomorrow we check out Salt Spring Island and I get to visit 
with my friend Karen.  We've known each other since we were in our mothers' wombs.

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