Saturday, November 21, 2015

An Embarrassment of Sea Glass

Today we went down to Sidney to visit at wonderful lady named Joan whom Bob referred to as a distant relative.  She's not a distant relative at all; she's Bob's first cousin once removed and we had a lovely time with her.
Joan lives in Saanich but suggested that we meet for lunch at the Rumrunner Pub in Sidney.  What a good suggestion that was!  We were able to enjoy a water view along with our food.
My lunch was an ahi tuna filet with mango salsa in a tortilla.  The salad came looking like a bouquet  so was not only delicious, but also visually pleasing.
Leah, you were wondering if it is too cold to hunt sea glass.  In a word, "no."  This is my plunder from today!  At first I searched at Tulista Beach where I found a small pocketful.
Then I stepped onto the tiny beach at Sidney Harbor and there was almost as much sea glass as pebbles.  I didn't find any rare colors, but I sure had fun.
I've got to give a shout-out to these two patient people who sat on a sunny bench and chatted while I filled my pockets.
We did some window shopping as Sidney has lots of cute, independent stores.  We popped into this one which has wonderful yarns as well as needlecraft supplies.  

The town and the shops are starting to decorate for Christmas.  I wonder which city worker has to water these!

I heart these trees made of book pages and music sheets.
My goals is to be by the water every day that we are on the island. 

I didn't find any dog who wanted to play fetch today, but I did find this gull who wanted to play see-how-close-you-can-get-to-me-before-I-fly-away.

Don't worry about the snow on the mountain.  That's Mount Baker and it's in Washington.
How to spend the evening?  By seeing a musical, of course.  We drove to Nanaimo to see "Next to Normal."  
I don't know how this gripping, rock musical has flown under our radar.  The amateur performers put on an exceptional, professional show.

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