Monday, November 23, 2015

Yolks, Hens, and .... Roosters?

We started our Vancouver day having breakfast at Yolks and we timed it right as they usually have long lineups.
After our delicious meal, I used the washroom and saw they continued the chicken theme by having this on the door:
I was sure the men's would be Roosters as they wouldn't be so crass as to use ... to use ... well, they just wouldn't, would they?  Maybe they would!
From there Bob and Elizabeth went to the aquarium while I spent a couple of hours wandering around Stanley Park. 

We have always had great admiration for New York City's Central Park and the foresight for its creation in 1857 and we are just as impressed by Vancouver's Stanley Park created in 1888.  At times you feel as if you are the only person for miles.
Spot my umbrella in this one as I set it there to show the immensity of the stump.

I figured this hollowed out stump was the perfect place for a hibernating bear.
It was empty and that's when I realized the weather is warm in BC so bears don't have to hibernate.
No trees in Saskatchewan have leaves this big.
I wonder how much the city of Vancouver paid for this seagull perch.

I lent this sculpture my umbrella for awhile as it was a drizzly morning.  You may have noticed my rain boot in an earlier photo.  I was happy to have my boots on all day.
Some of my morning was enjoying the scenes under my umbrella.

I met up with Bob and Elizabeth and together we saw a bit more of the park.
Some deciduous trees still have their colorful leaves.
We ate a Belgian Fries, another You Gotta Eat Here endorsed cafe.
We stopped at a nearby Italian deli.  Barb and Leah, how do you like the box bunting?
We also went to a book store that was piled high.

I liked their stack of Christmas books and think I will stack mine like this when I decorate for Christmas.
We stopped for a little afternoon snack.
Okay, it wasn't little.  My two scoops were blackberry-coriander and oatmeal-brown sugar.
We wandered around Granville Island doing a little shopping and enjoying the festive Christmas lights.
Here are a couple of items we didn't buy.

We ended the day with this play at the Arts Club.
Glenda, did we shop at Purdy's or didn't we?

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