Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Charlottetown Adventures

This well organized conference gave all of us pre-conference folks not one, not two, but four tours in Charlottetown today.  It didn't even feel rushed.  How does that work?
Our first tour was to Fanningbank which is the official home of the Lieutenant Governor.  It's a beautiful home with lovely grounds and we aren't the only ones who have seen it.  Will and Kate stayed here on their visit and I'm sure Will had to crumple himself into an unlikely position to take a bath as the bathtub was pretty tiny in their ensuite.
Joanne is our stellar leader.  She not only does a great, calm job of having us do what we are supposed to be doing  (Keep Calm and Lead On!), she also calms the nerves of the host committee when there are small glitches.  Joanne, you are appreciated a thousand fold!
Here are the boys (ages vary!) in our group...
and here are the females minus two.  This is a good time to mention that if you want to travel in the best way possible, travel with teenagers who are future leaders.  They are fun, funny, considerate, insightful, enthusiastic, and great travel companions.
Our next tour was to Cows Creamery.  Yum!  Double yum and triple yum! 

After putting on our attractive Cows hats, we went on a factual and entertaining tour which gave samples of chocolate covered chips and of ice cream.  Then we had to buy more ice cream because the sample enticed us.  Good marketing, Cow!  I repeat:  triple yum!
They have much cleaver merchandize using bovine puns.
Here's Joanne deciding whether to bring home lobster for the whole WCS staff, or maybe, more realistically for her dear husband.
I love looking at real estate wherever we go, and this house appealed to me.  Maybe I'll be satisfied with my own house if I paint the door a cheery yellow.
Tour number three was a boat ride.  These fellows look happy even though it was cold and we were on the wrong boat!
We found the right boat and Rod's eyes lit up when the captain told him the possibilities of deep sea fishing charters.  As an aside, Bob's eyes glazed over during this conversation.
Rod also checked out the teeny-tiny head.
Not too many of these at home.

Endless waves ...
acted as "rock a by baby" for some of the students.

I missed photos of our last tour which was to Province House.  It was interesting to see where our confederation started and it was interesting to see how small the PEI legislature is.  Small province = small # of MLAs.
Then it was a bus drive away from a barbeque and paintball.  Our mighty crew talked the talk but none of them were the last man standing.  It didn't matter; it was fun!
It was an early night as the bonfire on the beach just wouldn't work with all the rain.  So it was back to the hotel where I would have blogged this except that 230 others must have been on the internet.  Consequently, I'm blogging this just before we hit the buses again.  No proofreading now;  I'll do that tonight so meanwhile you can check for it's/its, their/there/they're, incorrect use of commas and my terrible spelling.


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