Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday was another day packed with activities from listening to the Stadacona Band of the Royal Canadian Navy to learning from General Rick Hillier. Standing ovations abound at this conference and they are always well deserved.

I saw some lobstering paraphernalia
 another lighthouse
and more water,
but my theme for today's entry has to be the food!
I had a lobster clubhouse for lunch, 
and an advisor road rally led us to the New Glasgow Lobster Supper.  The four of us from Weyburn were a team with Bob as the driver, Rod as the navigator, and all four of us as the seekers of answers to the questions.  Some of you may believe that Bob drives slower than he needs to, but he doesn't, and, on this rally, he became a speed demon.  We had to remind him it wasn't a race and we had to yell "SLOW DOWN."  A couple of times we needed him to stop and back up because he was speeding by everything we needed to know without giving us a chance to answer the questions.  No matter ... it was a lot of fun and now I want to create one along similar lines for anyone in Weyburn needing such an activity  (WCS staff perhaps?)
Our supper was amazing with endless mussels for appetizers.  (Linda Duttera, I hope you are reading this!)  They were followed by seafood chowder, salads, lobster, and a choice of pies. 

I cannot imagine how many egg whites they use in their meringue.  I use four and I never have mile-high meringue like this. 
Joanne continues to be our great leader.  We love her; we admire her; we thank her.
Stay tuned for another entry later tonight.  We're off to a kitchen party at PEI Brewing Company in a few minutes and after that I can relay today's adventure.

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