Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pre Conference Ramblings

Ramblings in the title doesn't refer to my written ramblings, it refers to our travel around this interesting, tiny province.
We were up bright and early and on the buses for the first day of pre-conference.  Student spirit leaders made sure we all had smiles on our faces and cheers coming out of our mouths.
Our first stop was a potato farm where we learned about this business and I was most impressed about how these farmers are good stewards of their land.  Here Rod and Bob are dressed to match the potato barns.
Here's some of the machinery and the very best part about it is ...
its NAME!
From the farm we headed to the Confederation Bridge and Gateway Village.  Here we saw the first of many lighthouses we will see on the island.

Before long it was time to wave goodbye to this area as we were heading to the Evangeline Community Centre for lunch and Acadian music.

Next stop:  Avonlea Village which was open for the last day this season.  It was here that I whined for the first and only time today.  I whined and whined and whined, "Bob, Bob (picture my voice particularly shrill and ugly here), why, why, why haven't you build me a picket fence?  I love it.  I want it.  I need it."  Unfortunately for me, Bob can resist my shrill, whiny voice for decades on end.

In this little church we heard an impromptu, illicit piano recital and a practised, legitimate scene where Anne Shirley accidently gives her best friend Diana currant wine instead of raspberry cordial.

Raspberry cordial is sold in the village so Bob pretended to drink some
while I really did.
Some of the entertainment was this trio playing PEI music.
We stopped at Cavendish for a photo op.  Red soil next to blue ocean is pretty indeed.
Tonight our dreams will be of more amazing adventures ahead.  CSLC you are out-doing yourselves in this pre-conference.

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