Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stop the Oil Pipeline! Channel This Energy Instead!

Today was an exciting day for us on this little island because it was our last day of pre-conference and it was the official opening of CSLC.  As we continued to have fun at the pre-conference this morning and early afternoon, I was picturing plane after plane of excited students landing in Charlottetown.
If you want to make this traveler happy, let her get near the water not once, but twice in one day.  Bliss!
We went to Greenwich National Park on the north shore.

Next we headed to Wood Island which is the southern most point of PEI.  A couple of my Weyburn friends (ahem, Bryan & Ellen) joked that those two places are only 1.2 km apart.  PEI IS small but not quite that small as it holds 140,000 friendly residents. 
From there we went to a corn maze which had other amusements as well.  It was the perfect final activity for the pre-conference.  Here' a photo of the maze and I know I could see the tops of people's heads when I took it, but I can't see them here.
Here are some of the other activities:

Exit pre-conference, enter CSLC.  And here's where the title for today's blog comes from.  If the energy of these students could be channeled, we'd have no need for oil, natural gas, hydro, solar, or wind power. 
Their chants, their cheers, their dancing, their standing ovations are like static electricity in the air.  Canada's future is bright with these being the next generation.
Here are some of the Saskatchewan kids donning their provincial shirts for the parade and opening ceremonies.

Part of the opening was a smudge ceremony with this charming woman sharing its purpose and also sharing how nervous she was.  There's a good lesson:  we can do things nervously and still have amazing impact.
After the opening ceremony, the advisors headed back to Charlottetown for a social.  Chantelle, this year's billet chair, really, really didn't want to talk about it!
Just joking!  She did an amazing job and now all the students are happily in their billet homes.  Finding billets for all of them was no small feat as Montague has a population of 2000 and there are 1000 delegates.  Not all need billeting, of course, as some are advisors.  Montague swelling in size by 1/3 reminds me of how Craven turns into Saskatchewan's third largest city when the Jamboree is on. 
Here's Chantelle with Joanne.
Montague, you aren't done with us by any stretch of the imagination, but you've already made us very, very welcome and very, very happy.
Will you forgive me one more un-proofread entry?  It's late and we have to be on the bus at 7:30.

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  1. As usual I am enjoying all your updates. It looks like you are packing lots into your week!