Sunday, September 15, 2013

PEI Via Toronto

A six hour layover in Toronto gave us time to leave the airport via limousine so that most could go to a Blue Jays and Bob and I could walk Chinatown and Kensington Market.
Saskatchewan looked wonderful as we left Regina.
And Toronto looked mighty fine as we got ready to land.
Here are our travel companions and here's our limo.  
It was a brilliantly beautiful day and the roof of the Rogers Centre was open so the fans could be in the fresh air.
We're not shoppers so we didn't have to stop at this fine establishment.
We walked for forty minutes to find this deli from "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." 
And here's the sign we found on the door.  Happy Yom Kippur, my friends.
We ate at Fancy Franks which was nearby and we don't have any complaints.  I had the Frankathenopolis with feta, cucumbers, olives and other yummy things on it and Bob and I shared a poutine.

We spent time in Kensington Market before meeting up with the gang and I had to love this vegetated car.
This area of Toronto wouldn't be complete without graffiti, lots and lots of graffiti.
It also has shops with cool names and cool decorations like this one.
We came scandalously close to not finding the second hand soccer jersey shop, but we finally prevailed.  Rob, you may bow down to us numerous times because of this.
Then it was back to the limo
on to a plane and forward to Charlottetown.
CSLC 2013, we are ready and waiting for you!

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