Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Happening on the Trip

The above fold-out map of NYC was given to Bob by Mel Goranson a few years ago and it's always conveniently in his pocket when we visit here.
But, now on with the story that's connected to today's title.
First, some facts.  Manhattan has a population of about 1.5 million people but on weekdays that number swells to 4 million because of commuters and tourists.  That's fact #1.  Fact #2 in that I wasn't even around for the best happening on our trip.
Heres' the best happening.  Bob went to take a ride on The Beast, a speedboat on the Hudson River, while I went into the garment district.  Who does he spot?  Mel and Stu.  Four million people and he runs into the other 2 from Weyburn.  How great a "small world" story is that!
On the way o the garment district, I just had to stop to enjoy Bryant Park and to dream of one day staying in this hotel.
Was it wrong to watch these people rather than joining in?
Loved spotting this sign.  Is it the next course Cornerstone SD is going to sponsor?
The fashion district was a huge disappointment although the stores there weren't.  I hadn't been in this area for a few decades and back then the streets were bustling with people rushing racks of garments through the traffic.  Now I suspect the garments are all made in China and very little in terms of the fashion industry is happening here.  The area is spotted with hotels, tourist shops, and Starbucks.
There are fun stores to stop in.  Joyce Buttons and Trims is one of them.
M & J Trimming is really impressive too.

Thanks to Christa Marcotte for getting me interested in going into this area.  And, yes, I did spend money.
This fellow is the only one I saw in the garment district who wasn't just ordinary traffic passing through.
There was a farmers' market at Herald Square.  Elizabeth, I had to sample the half sour pickles just for you.  Delish!
I love this little building.  The writing says Millinery Center Synagogue. 
Why I like it is because of its context within its surroundings.  Can you spot it here?
Bob and I caught the subway at Rockefeller Center to head to Chinatown.  There were police cars, ambulances, a fire truck.  A taxi had gone out of control and hit a pedestrian severing one of her feet and mangling her other leg.  Dr. Oz has an office near there and came out to help.  A vendor put the foot on ice from his cart and now doctors are trying to reattach the foot.  We hope this horrible accident has a good conclusion.
Smelly, smelly durian for sale.
I must have passed this shop on other trips to Chinatown but this was the first time I noticed it.  It sells nothing but chopsticks.
And here's our favorite place in Chinatown.  The Chinatown Rotary Club of Manhattan meets here and this is the fourth or fifth time we've gone to a meeting there so we know the folks quite well.  Lyn, if you are reading this, tell Colin that Alphonso (Do you remember?  I think his last name is Wong.) plans to come to the Sydney RI convention and so does a Rotarian from Hong Kong who was visiting the club today.
In the afternoon I planned to go to the Museum of Natural History and Bob went walking on the Highline.  For the third time, crowds were daunting so I didn't go.  Instead I walked around 8th and 9th Avenue and made a trip over to the Salvation Army Store on 46th.
I love this chest for $100.
This Macy's sewing machine for $24 is impressive even though the tag said "as is" which must mean it doesn't work.
I caught the subway to go to the museum.  While waiting for my train, one came into the station on the adjoining track.  People got in, the doors closed, and it didn't leave.  Instead two policemen came running with some subway people.  Those around me and I didn't know whether to duck for cover or try to see what was going on.  The police went several cars down so we all craned our necks.  We heard very undignified, "f*ck you, f*ck you" numerous times as they took the talkative fellow away.  I'll never know the end of that story.
At the same time, Bob was down by the New York City courthouse and he was told to get out of the way.  "Law and Order:SVU" was being filmed and they didn't want him in it.  The poor guy is getting a complex as on a previous trip he saw the filming of the movie "Tower Heist" and he was told to move along as he didn't "blend" into the background.
We've had wonderful weather here ... 75 to 82 each day and not really high humidity.  The higher temperatures and humidity are supposed to start tomorrow just as we are leaving the city.
Tonight we went to "Motown" which was amazing.
Elizabeth, we are leaving here (even though Orlando Bloom is starring in "Romeo and Juliet" starting on the 24th) so it won't be long until we see you.

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