Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's in a Name?

Elizabeth has convinced me that it makes the most sense to amalgamate all my blogging into one blog.  She's a pretty sensible, organized kid so I better take her advice, right?  Prior to this, I made a separate blog for each trip, but not anymore.  Important quilty stuff will still appear on my www.crocusquiltguild.blogspot.ca just any other thoughts and adventures I have will appear here.

So, why "wit walking."  Years ago in another universe, I had students wit walk a few times a week.  The premise was they would be inspired by a quote and would then write from their stream of conscience.  On another day they would edit that writing to eliminate any English errors and to add cohesion, etc, etc.  Lots of students hated it at the time and thanked me for it later.

I can't remember if I got the term from somewhere or made it up.  It's the title of this blog and I'm sticking to it because my tiny brain can't come up with a more imaginative title.  I thought of "Brenda's Notions" as notions can mean ideas and it also ties in with my button collection and my love of stitching.  Another possibility was "Saskatchewan Soundings" but not a lot of what I write is about my impressive, much-loved province.  "Brenda's Blather" floated through my mind momentarily but who in Canada ever uses the word "Blather"?  That aforementioned daughter who thought I should keep all my postings in one blog wasn't very helpful in creating a unique title so "Brenda's Wit Walking" it shall be.

And here I am, Brenda, the girl who never drinks.  Please photoshop out the beer cans and glass so you can get a more realistic picture of who I am.  :o)

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