Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Until We Meet Again, NYC

Bob drove us out of the Times Square area just as rush hour was starting this morning.  Look!  Look!  See Bob!  See Bob concentrate as he passes Time Square.  I'm not sure I would want just anyone to drive there (especially not me!), but I'm never worried with Bob at the wheel.
He was right about everyone heading into Manhattan as we were leaving it.  This is on the Hudson Parkway where traffic was steady on the other side but not bad on our side.
Part of our trip through New York State today took us through the Catskills.  The countryside is beautiful.  We're now ensconced in Buffalo and we are just two sleeps away from seeing Elizabeth.  Hurray!
Why do we keep going back to New York City when we've seen the major sights except for the Museum of Natural History and when we've seen almost every minor sight and most of the neighborhoods too?
It's because silly old Broadway keeps mounting new shows we want to see.  Look at these two we'll miss.  Daniel Craig on stage: *SIGH* 
I can picture Orlando Bloom as Romeo. 
Stage manager daughter, do you think August 20th is a little late to be moving in equipment for the tech run when the show starts on the 24th?
Tonight we took a break from live theater to see this movie.  Vanessa, I guarantee that it's better than "We're the Millers."
We've left Broadway behind but have four more shows to look forward to in the next two days:  "The Three Musketeers," "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Tommy" at Stratford and Elizabeth's show "Oliver" in Drayton.

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