Saturday, August 24, 2013

Starting the End of Our Trip

We've started our journey home, leaving Stratford this morning.  We drove some beautiful rural roads before we hit the four lane.
We crossed into the United States at Port Huron so that we can take advantage of the cheaper gas prices for our trip home.
I wandered a beach at Port Huron for about an hour looking for elusive tumbled glass.  I didn't find a single piece but I got a wonderful pedicure out of the deal.  Walking on the pebbles acted as pumice and now the bottoms of my feet are smooth and silky.
We hadn't expected a travel delay in Chicago on a Saturday but that's what we got.  What should have taken half an hour took two hours.
Silly, silly Chicago.
Lots more driving tomorrow with the hopes of arriving home in good time on Monday.

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