Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two Cream Puffs Out of 400,000

I love this early morning photo taken on a pier jutting out into Lake Michigan.
And then it was off to Wisconsin State Fair where traffic pylons were used as planters at the entry gate.
We walked through the sheep and goat barn and I fell in love with this fellow because he had elephant-sized ears just like Finn and he put them up in fly-position just like Finn.
We had been to this fair two years ago but hadn't realized we had missed two of the icons of the fair.  One is the cream puff pavilion ... yes, an entire building which is used for nothing but selling cream puffs.  There is quite a scandal this year as the cream is not from Wisconsin.  I figure it's because all the cream/milk here is turned into cheese.

I asked this random girl if I could photograph her for my blog because she had whipped cream dripping from her nose.  She readily obliged.  Bob and I also had whipped cream dripping from our noses as we ate our cream puffs but you don't need visual proof of that.

The other is the twenty-five cent flavored milk.

Mine was cherry-vanilla.  There were so many customers that I counted 15 workers at this booth.

Then it was on to the hall which housed the quilts and other crafts.  Can you tell this tree was decorated by men?
Not sure?  Do you need a close up?
Yup, six-packs of beer!
I used the washroom in this building and had to chuckle at this iPhone plugged in for charging.  There wasn't anyone around.

Here's another craft ... this is entirely made of paper.

And the cakes in the cake decorating competition were spectacular.  Elizabeth, you don't expect your ma to produce something like this when you get married, do you?  Pies I can do; this, maybe not.

 Here's the last one I'll show you from this building.  There was a competition where the framed entries were entirely live succulents.  Wow!  For my Crocus Quilting pals, I'm going to put all the quilt photos on as soon as I finish this entry.
Here's one last fair picture, and it's for you, Rob King!  Dipping Dots have gone one step farther.

From the fair we headed to downtown Milwaukee and I'm happy to report we are both alive.  There have been 23 shootings with 8 fatalities in Milwaukee since August 2nd.  Wasn't that just eight days ago???  Then we got into a very bad neighborhood on the way downtown and I was encouraging Bob to "just drive" while he was thinking it was smart to stop on a side street to check the Rand-McNally.  Now I'm not sure how many of the 23 had Saskatchewan license plates, were in the wrong part of Milwaukee on a side street reading a map, but my guess is a lot of them!
Somehow we made it safely to the downtown area (Sweat's still dripping from my brow as I think of this little side excursion which Bob thought was exciting.)
We rode a hop-on-hop-off trolley which cost $1/ticket, walked a good deal of the river walk and then took a history/trivia cruise down the river and out onto Lake Michigan.  The weather was sunny and good until we got on the lake and then ominous clouds were above the city.  They lasted just long enough for me to get this dramatic photo and then the weather was once again sunny and good.
The best thing about the river walk was finding this:

 Read what it says.  I think we should do this at random locations in Weyburn for the month of September and we should set up a FB page where people who take the books can make a comment.
Milwaukee is a wonderful city if you forget about the shootings and if your husband doesn't drive you into bad neighborhoods!

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