Sunday, August 18, 2013

We Headed North

This morning we headed north all the way up to 190th Street to visit the Cloisters which is a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The subway ride took about 25 minutes, not bad at all, because the train was an express.
The beautiful park grounds around it make you feel like you are in the country ... in the country with runners and dog walkers.

The Cloisters houses a lot of the Met's antiquities.  The tombs (bodiless in this case) interested me especially the "bunk bed" one (which they call a loft tomb, but I prefer bunk bed) and the one where the little dog supports his master's feet for all eternity.

This book was hand copied in 1270.  1270!  I looked carefully for errors as in those days they had to scratch a layer off the paper if mistakes were made but I couldn't spot one on this page.
There is beautiful stained glass and a luscious courtyard garden.

Coming back we got off at 125th Street which is in Harlem and we had a wonderful meal with entertainment at the Red Rooster.  We saw a segment about this place on CBS Sunday Morning and were glad we remembered as the food was delicious.  I'm sure waitresses are hired based on how pretty their hair is.  Check out these three.
The songstress was serenading Bob when I took this photo.

We went to a matinee performance of "Pippin."  The other day I was writing about my top five places in the world.  After seeing "Pippin" I said to Bob, "This show has to knock a musical off my Top 5 list because it belongs there.  It was incredible, mesmerizing, amazing, memorable. 
We planned to go to the movie "The Butler" tonight, but realized that was crazy when we are surrounded by live theater.  We went to the Off Broadway musical "Newsical."  Its material changes as the news changes and it was a great, hilarious musical review of prominent news and pop culture.  My favorite line from it may be politically incorrect but basically everything in the show was that.  The line is "when Jews and gays mix, there is never violence; there is just musical theater."  LOL
I met the Naked Cowboy's nemesis at Times Square.  I mentioned to him that he didn't look too Native to me.  He just winked and continued posing.
Here's me enjoying the Edison Cafe's matzo ball soup between shows.
Plans for tomorrow are to head south.  

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