Friday, August 9, 2013

The Evolution of a Drinker

The joke used to be that I'd have a drink when Elizabeth and I went out.  Then at Stephen Maguire the other night, I had a drink with Leah & Barb H.  Now I've resorted to having a beer with Bob and he doesn't even drink! 
Should you worry about me?  You decide.  Actually, I just liked the name of the beer.  Mine was on tap but the kind waitress brought over a bottle of it for the photo op.
We spent some time in Two Rivers, Wisconsin today where the purpose was to visit the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum which was
filled with 1.5 million pieces of type blocks in over 1000 styles and pattern sizes.  King Show Prints, which Bob's grandfather made famous, would have used these type blocks on posters.  They even may have come from the Hamilton Company.  Unfortunately it was moving to a new location and the new location wasn't open yet.  We went over to it and this lovely young lady broke the news to Bob that we wouldn't get to see anything.  However, business cards were exchanged and this lady's boss had actually heard a talk in Milwaukee which mentioned Bob's grandfather and his business.
On the way to the new museum, we saw these signs which totally confused us.
Here's something else we found in Two Rivers:
Schroeder is my maiden name so this interested me; it was a long established store still in its original location.
It even had a little showcase with items through the year that were emblazoned with the Schroeder name:  wallets, notebooks, shoeshine brushes, etc.
Two Rivers is also where Ed Berner invented the ice cream sundae in 1881.  We went to the original ice cream parlor to have one.

What else does one do in Wisconsin?  Well, we had to stop at a cheese store for sure and this one has sample bags with about 20 cubes of cheese in them for $1.79.  What a deal.
We then drove over to Sheboygan where we visited the West of the Lake Gardens right on Lake Michigan.  The place is fantastic!  Take a look.

Here's a sea creature from Lake Michigan ... really a dog fetching a stick.

And you might want to know that the dog wasn't cold in the water.  We've found summer as it was 81F today.  We hope it was the same at home.

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