Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blazing Hot Wherever We Are

We hear Weyburn was the hottest place in Canada yesterday.  Minneapolis was really hot and now we are in blazing New York City.

Last night we went to a Minnesota Twins game in the sweltering heat.  As we got off the train, we saw these buttons all along the tracks:  no one needed them yesterday as it was 92F.
I'm thinking Target Field is the only baseball stadium with walleye on its menu.
Here's the group who sang the national anthem,  They were classy, but not as classy as Colleen's kids in Denver.
Here are my favorite family photos from the evening.

And here's the less-than-exciting game.
Here's the rapid transit map we followed in Minneapolis ...
... and here's the one we're following for the next week.
Even though we have been to NYC numerous times, I like scouting out new information via internet. I found a list about what you don't want to do in NYC and one of them was that you don't want to wear flipflops.  It said that if you do wear flipflops the first day, when you check your feet that night, you won't wear them any of the other days.  These people didn't read the article, or didn't believe it, or must be having their first day in New York.

If you ask people if you can take a picture of their feet, they oblige and they don't even ask why you want it.

This afternoon we saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  We both adored it.
Tonight we got tickets for An American in Paris and were both underwhelmed.  Perhaps we aren't serious fans of ballet or perhaps we agreed with the lady from Toledo who sat next to me.  At
 intermission she asked, "isn't the same thing happening over and over again?"

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