Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wandering on Wednesday

I have to report this is my second day with no Naked Cowboy sighting.  Oh, dear.

We headed to Harlem this morning and for awhile there was only Bob, a lady, and me in our car.

We were so far into Harlem that the subway was above ground.
We had hope for an Apollo tour but the building was booked for a special event for the next three days.
Here's Bob and his new best friend.
There was a noon hour concert in the little park between the American Folk Museum & Lincoln Center.  It was sponsored by TD "America's Bank".
I love this man's instrument.
There was free lemonade and brownies for everyone.  Does that ever happen in Weyburn?
We relaxed outside the Juilliard School before our afternoon show at the Lincoln Center.
 Kelli O'Hara was exceptional.
Finding Neverland, which we saw tonight, has moved into my number one spot for shows we've seen so far on this trip.  Matthew Morrison should never have wasted his time on Glee and he should be on Broadway the rest of his life.  That man is a triple threat:  acting, singing, and dancing.
We sat beside 54 year old twin men from Maine and in the time before the show connected completely.  One was a regional actor, the other very involved in church music.  Both were extroverts (compared to introverts Bob & Brenda)  and we had a fun time with them.  Their wives were there too but didn't speak at all.  I'm sure the wive are used to being audience to the two husbands.  One interesting bit of trivia is the family has forty pages of documents showing their family has owned their farmland in Maine since 1777.  The other trivia is that when we said we were from Saskatchewan, the one wondered if that was a very big town.  Rather than pulling his leg, we educated him.  

My friend Susan said if she was ever to write a book, it would be What's Your Story.  The random conversations we have with strangers show how valuable all people's stories are.  And I haven't even told you about the five 75 year old women who shared the elevator with me.  Their friendship started in high school and is still going strong.

We're staying at the Hotel Edison and I never tire of the lobby.  This is the third fresh bouquet showcased in the lobby since we got here ... there is barely any wilting before the flowers are gone.  I hope some staff member takes them home and enjoys them for a few more days.
Wish me luck for tomorrow.  I'm going to line up for hours in Central Park in the hopes of getting free Cymbeline tickets.

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