Monday, August 17, 2015

Museums on Monday

Today's NYC trivia which may or may not be true:  in Manhattan you are never more than 30 feet from a rat.  I've never seen any here, but in a lot of cases they could be below us in the dark part of the subways.

Here's a place I should have stopped at as I walked and walked and walked.  While I was doing this, Bob was checking out Staten Island.  He came back underwhelmed.
I felt cheerful all day as every florist and corner shop featured sunflower bouquets.  Hopefully my back garden at home is full of them.
Even Park Avenue plants are gasping for water as it's very hot here.
I spent time in parts of Central Park and I'm thankful the temperature is about five degrees cooler in the park than on the street.

I had never been to the north end of the park and there are beautiful views of the Upper West Side from across the reservoir.  
I did spend time on the Upper West Side at Zabar's.

I do like that Central Park cares as much for pets' well being as for humans'.  This water fountain is for both people and dogs.

Mostly I was on the Upper East Side spending a good part of the day at three museums.
 I went to the Met to see the rooftop installation by Pierre Huyghe.  No, really I was on the rooftop to see the views of Central Park on the recommendation of my friend Barb.  The views of Central Park were fine but the art installation was crazy.  It was a big rock in water and then some removed slabs of concrete with weeds growing in those areas.  I adore art, I really do.  Let me qualify that:  I love most art; this didn't fall into that category.  All I wanted to do was pull the weeds. 

While at the Met, I was happy to spend time marveling at the Faberge eggs again and I was astounded by how many Rodin sculptures the museum has.  I went through the African section to get to the rooftop.  It was worth it to see this fellow.  If I ever have a bad day, I'll just think of this gentleman who had a worse one.
I continued down the Museum Mile to the Guggenheim.  I hadn't been there in decades.

Here's a family who paid $25/person to be in the gallery!
The third museum was the Jewish Museum.  I read such good things about it, but was totally
confused inside, not by the displays, but by the layout of the museum.  One interesting, huge installation was Modern Art and the Birth of American Television.
Some buildings on the Upper East are incredibly lovely.
Elizabeth sent along a grocery list (don't try to figure that out!) which made me go into the best Whole Foods I've ever been in.
Everything in the fish department looked wonderful so I asked the clerk if I could take photos.  Once she said yes, she busily rearranged some of the fish"to make sure your photos feature the eyes"!

I can't help it if the Naked Cowboy is wherever I am.  Today he had a sidekick who thought Saskatchewan must be near Colorado Springs.  Certain qualities of his made me forgive his poor geography skills.

The skies were a lovely blue today, but the sun was incredibly hot. New Yorkers all look so cool even in the heat and the women all have makeup on.  How do they keep it on?  Mine was dripping down my neck within five minutes.

We had supper at the pub Mickey Spillane's.  Other customers were too busy watching soccer so we had to chat with each other.

Most theaters are dark on Monday nights and any Broadway ones running were ones we had already seen; therefore, we got tickets to the off Broadway musical The Fantastiks and it was really fun.
I met this extremely large dog on 9th Avenue, and, yes, he lives in a high rise apartment.

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