Thursday, August 13, 2015

How We Pass the Time

You know where we are, but what do we do?
We color and do puzzles.  We also borrow lots of story books from the lodge.
We let a three year old pound in stakes with the ax's blade near his face.
We swim in the lake ...
and build excellent sand castles.
We have campfires, both day ...
and night.
Most of us have huge breaksfasts at the Logging Camp...
...while one has to eat a tin plate.
Most of us mini golf ...
while one has to chew a golf ball.
We bumper boat.
We swim in Vagabond's pool.
We go on Vagabond's pontoon boat where we play games.
At Vagabond's lodge, one of us gets to hand Carol a wooden nickel.

And in exchange get a humongous ice cream cone.
We spend time in our tents.
We pontoon on Potato Lake
where most of us take a turn driving.

Ah, Vagabond, we love family time thanks to the wonderful family who have owned the resort for all 29 years we've been coming here.  Each year something new is added or something old is updated.  Friends, if you are looking for an idyllic spot to camp, come to Vagabond ... especially at the same time we are here!

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