Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Traipsing on Tuesday

Happy 30th, Rob King!  No one will ever guess that you & Nathan aren't really smiling here, but rather saying "cheese".
Bob went to the observation deck of One World Trade this morning and felt the senior price of $30 was well worth it.  While he did that, I went to the Strand bookstore and Union Square.  The Strand has a place at the door where you can write and mail the postcards you buy there.
I'm not hauling home [many] books in my suitcase, but I enjoy searching through their outdoor, cheapy stalls.
It wasn't too late in the morning before I needed to find the shade of Union Square as today was another scorcher.  Look.  Someone put a birdhouse high in a park tree.
Then I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge and stopped to admire one of my favorite buildings in Manhattan.  Bob and I agreed to meet at the park by the Brooklyn Bridge where we had been with Lyn & Colin.
Since we were obviously meeting on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, I walked across it again.  No Bob.  After a phone call, I learned that he was on the Manhattan side.  Oops!  We had been to parks on both sides of the bridge with Lyn & Colin and each of us had only remembered one ... unfortunately not the same one.  
Before we straightened it out, I sat on a bench in the "right" park, and read one of my new purchases.
I had no intention of walking the bridge one more time, so went into the subway and went down and down and down.  Since the subway runs under the river, it has to be deep, but the escalator was downright scary and there were no other people around.  Creepy!
I took the subway to Chelsea and walked the Highline until I felt my sunburn starting.  Today's trivia:  there is talk of creating  a Lowline on a deserted subway line.

These window washers above the Highline didn't have a platform, just buckets tied to their waists.  Perhaps they were daydreaming of summiting Everest.
It's fun looking down from the Highline.
It's a mess under the Highline, but work is being done.
From there I headed to the Lincoln Center area where I saw this Juilliard student.  I bet when he was little, his mom wanted him to play the flute for easy transport, but he had heart set on this instrument. 
I was in the area to visit my favorite museum.  It's the first time photography wasn't allowed inside.  The show was Folk Art and American Modernism and from it I learned that quilts weren't considered an art form until 1971.
The washroom sign made me laugh.  I know transgender is very much in the news, but there are still only two genders so you can't use the word all.
Tonight's show was fun and the audience was crazy for it.  

You know I have no fashion sense, but I can tell you about a fashion trend that is big here - one piece short outfits ... think short jumpsuits.  Just telling you ... start wearing yours in Weyburn now.

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