Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weyburn Quilters ... Try This Quiz

At Rotary last week a Rotarian told Michele and me that he had seen all the fiber art and that he knew Michele and I well enough that he could figure out which pieces we created.  That gave me this idea.  Ten of our guild created for the "Join the Thread" challenge.  Can you match our quilters to their pieces?  The quilters are Michele Craigen, Jaynie Himsl, Shelley Hoium, Brenda King, Jan Linnell, Bonnie Mactaggart, Vera Osborn, Gloria Scaddan, Colleen Sproat, and Donna Wolfe.

If you haven't seen the shows, I highly recommend you see them soon.  They'll be gone at the end of August and time passes quickly.  The show in The Gathering Place of Grace United is now installed and it's a wonderful addition to our city's fiber art shows.

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