Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sauntering on Sunday

I have to spot the Naked Cowboy at least once on any trip here. 
However, I spotted something more interesting.  Here it is:
His costume was stuffed behind a hot dog wagon. The vendor explained that he leaves his costume there when he dresses to take a break.

The day before we got here, there was a big event at Times Square to celebrate the iconic photo of a sailor and nurse kissing at the end of the Second World War.  There is a life-size statue nearby, but a gigantic statue has been erected as well.
Compare my shoe to the nurse's shoe.
Compare the statue to the kid sitting in front of it.
Compare the size of the statue to the double decker bus.
There was a giant, electronic billboard where you could recreate the kiss.  You'll see that although we might be good kissers, we had our timing off for the shot.
Here we were even worse.
From Times Square we headed to Brooklyn and the first Brooklynite we encountered had golf clubs.  "Where the heck do you golf in Brooklyn?" we asked.  "Oh, I'm heading to New Jersey," he said.
Here's a pretty special off-leash dog park where the dogs have a view of the East River.
We started at DUMBO - down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass because we were trying to find a Guy Fieri Diners, Drive Ins and Dives recommendation named Defonte's Brooklyn Diner.  We didn't have any luck because Guy never mentioned that Defonte's Brooklyn Diner is on Staten Island!  We were quite happy to eat at a relaxed Shake Shack instead.
Believe it or not, I found some tumbled glass among the stones at the edge of the river.
We wanted to see Jane's Carousel which is a completely restored carousel from 1922.
There was a lovely flowered wall and quaint brick roads.

I wanted to walk along the riverside esplanade as my favorite Blue Blood characters hold many of their discussions there.  The area was filled with police vehicles and ambulances with flashing lights.  Perhaps a scene was being filmed?  No.  Unfortunately whatever happened was all too real.  We'll check tomorrow's paper in case it was something horrible enough that it needs reporting.  We hope not.
We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with hundreds, if not thousands, of others.

I encouraged Bob to keep his shirt on although his back looks a lot prettier than this fella's.

We saw an afternoon performance of Amazing Grace and liked it very much.  It was about British black slavery and about the creator of the hymn Amazing Grace.  The audience should have been larger but at the end when the cast sang the hymn and the audience joined in, it was so, so moving.

We ate supper at Schnippers and the best thing about it was we shared our table with a British pilot from Virgin Air plus his partner and two boys.  I love when a conversation with total strangers clicks along and turns philosophic. 

 After supper we went to Hands to God which was advertised at Book of Mormon meeting Avenue Q.  That was pretty accurate.
"To bed.  To bed."  I think I'm quoting Lady Macbeth, but it's so late that I'm not even sure.

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  1. So jealous!! I love NYC. Going to have to plan a trip there soon! Looks like your having a blast!!