Thursday, July 14, 2016

Best Sight on the Island

The best sight on Vancouver Island doesn't include forest or mountains or ocean.  Here's the sight:
It's a pleasure to spend time with Liz and it has its perks.

She treated us to the lovely buffet supper at the theatre where I had to try the especially-concocted-for-Footloose drink.
Then we had a backstage tour ...
...and spent some time on the stage where the worthy assistant stage manager taught Bob new things.

What I learned was that the graffiti on the Footloose railroad trestle included Nathan's and Riley's names.  Now who made that happen?  If you look carefully, you can see them here:
Ah, the magic of live theatre!
Earlier in the day Elizabeth and I played Scrabble and then Bob & I went to Cowichan Bay while Elizabeth had her afternoon show.

I spotted this cool trailer that's just the right size for a wren.

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