Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dear Bob

Dear Bob, could you retire so we can winter in Sidney?  In case my sincere entreaty doesn't work for you, look at these photos.  Sincerely, Brenda

We spent part of the day in Sidney and had a lovely lunch and visit with cousin Joan.  It's always great to catch up. 

I had a few items to buy in a grocery store and found this drink in Fairway Market and had to give it a try.  Not bad!
You may be familiar with Humans of New York.  Let me share a Humans of Sidney.
This man has been feeding this same seagull for five years.  (Trivia for you:  seagulls can live to 50.) He knows it's the same one because he recognizes the markings.  No other seagull has ever approached him. You can't see them in the picture, but the man's bike and helmet are beside him.  The story he told me is that if he comes down to the water with food but is walking, the seagull won't come to him.  It's something about the bike and helmet that signals the seagull's recognition. 
We headed back to Chemainus to wait for Elizabeth to finish today's show.  We spent the time at Chemainus's beach.  There I took this photo which I call my "Simon Mould Shot".  It's of a weathered, bewitching log.

Once Elizabeth finished work, the three of us caught the ferry to Vancouver.  She has a few days off and we're happy she can spend time with us.

Elizabeth is like us in that she likes to keep a hectic pace.  I don't think we'll be sitting around tomorrow.