Monday, July 11, 2016

From Bigfork to Seattle

Any writer knows she should start with a zinger and then go to the boring parts before hitting the climax.  Uh-uh ... that's not what's going to happen here.  This post encompasses two days and I'm just going to show and tell things in random order. 

Let's start with the bumper sticker I spotted yesterday.
We've been in coolish temperatures which have been very comfortable.
My kids and friends know I always make up what my fortune says, but last night when we had a quick, late supper at Panda Express, these were our fortunes:
The bottom one cracked me up because would connoisseurs eat at Panda Express?  Secondly, Bob & I usually eat pretty casually and pretty cheaply.  However, we've had some good food on this trip because we've discovered food at local micro breweries.  Yesterday we had lunch at Big Fork's.
Here is the view from our table...
...and here are my fish tacos.
I wanted to steal a couple of the chairs.  They are made locally from recycled wine barrels.
Today we ate more good food, this time at Pike Market in Seattle.
The market had lots to look at, but it was packed with people so we didn't check out all of it.
Here are some very attractive fish... Garnet, do they look like the ones you catch?

Mark, the lobster I have waiting in my freezer for you didn't cost this much.
Jocelyn, I always have to search out strange foods for you and this is what I found.
The market has beautiful flowers.
To show the randomness of this blog entry, let me go back to the scenery we traveled through yesterday and the place we stayed last night.

Yes, that's rain on the windshield.

Last night we stayed at one of the best KOAs we've come across.  It's in Spokane.  I thought all I needed to be happy was a cabin with a screen door and a porch.  I've revised that to a screen door, a porch, a porch swing, and red geraniums.  I loved our cabin and I loved the gazebo beside it.

Another good thing about this campground is you can sit around a campfire and socialize with other campers.  Old trees are chainsaw carved.  Here's Bob with a sasquatch.
Between Spokane and Seattle the scenery was often filled with wind turbines.

Here's a look at traffic in Seattle.
It made us wonder why we left the Flathead Valley.  However, we used light rail and the monorail for our travels in the city today and that worked out very well
We should have brought Nathan so he could play in this playground.
Since we couldn't bring him and Riley along, we bought them each something that will drive their parents crazy.  Be warned, Rob & Crystal.

We enjoyed a duck boat tour.

Rob, one of "The Amazing Race" started on this hill.
I went to the Chihuly Garden & Glass. WOW!

I think of Seattle like I think of Portland, as a city with lots of roses.  Most look like this ...
as rose season is pretty much over.  However, I spotted this beauty.
Readers, hey, readers, WAKE UP.  I know this has been a long post but please quit snoring, sit up straight, wipe the drool from your chin and enjoy this last photo.
This Maltese was dyed a purplish-blue.  It looks cranky in the photo, but was actually bouncing around us and being very cute.  The owner said the dye was all natural, totally harmless, and lasts about two weeks.  Finn, don't worry.  Your fur is perfect the way it is!

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  1. Love all your photos!! The Chihuly Gardens and the Tacoma Glass Museum are on my bucket list...maybe next summer. I did see one of his exhibitions in San Francisco a few years ago and it was fantastic!!