Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cherry Season

We went to the Kalispell Farmers' Market and looked at a lot of things and proudly said that we can get the same items at the Weyburn outdoor market ...honey, baked goods, flowers, produce, soaps, etc.  However, the Weyburn market doesn't have Flathead cherries that were picked yesterday.

This morning's newspaper had this headline:
And the farmers' market had these.
There were huckleberry pies, but huckleberries always disappoint me as they don't taste like saskatoons.  We picked five gallons of saskatoons before we left Weyburn, so there will be plenty of good pies in the next year.

One lady was selling succulents, Leah, which made me think of your mom.
A couple of the produce booths were highly superior to others there.  Here's one of them.

The woman's ready-to-eat salad fixings had bits and pieces of flower petals in them.  They added colour and, Jocelyn, I can replicate this when you visit if you want to eat calendula and pansies.
My favorite quilt shop in the area is definitely Glacier Quilts.  It was hopping-busy as it's their 19th anniversary. There was a class going on, at least seven clerks making everyone happy, more than a dozen shoppers and a few bored husbands.  Luckily Bob was off doing other things so he didn't join the bored-husbands' club.
To my cowgirl friends who love wine, these boots are wine bottle holders.
  I found lots of treasures but the best were these put out by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  They are more like books than magazines, but their price of $5.99 each is a magazine price.  Each contains about a dozen patterns, tips, guidelines, a column, and part of a serial story.

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