Saturday, July 16, 2016


A few people questioned us going from Chemainus to Tofino and back in a day.  However, Bob met a man who started in Vancouver, took the ferry, drove to Tofino, looked around and caught a ferry back to Vancouver all in one day.  That made Bob know we could easily do our jaunt as we like to drive.  Actually the drive one way was less than three hours.

We spent time at both Long Beach and Chesterman Beach.  Both are beautiful and the shallow water is warm.  All the surfers and paddle boarders in deeper water were in wet suits as the water temperature varies just one degree from summer to winter.

The beaches have great sand and walking on them gave me a free pedicure.  The sand and water worked like pumice.  

This sweet little gate led from a backyard to the beach.
Tsunami evacuation route signs were everywhere; hopefully the routes are never needed.
The town of Tofino is really touristy and would be a lot of fun if we liked browsing stores and shopping.  Many of the shops and cafes have signs saying "we are a wet suit friendly establishment" which is wise as most of their tourist industry is based around surfers.
I did like this huge statue by Godfrey Stephens called "Weeping Cedar Woman."  Over 30 years ago it was carved from 300 year old windfall cedar to protest the loss of ancient West Coast rain forest.  The tears represent the destruction. What I was drawn to were the boobs and I'm not sure what they represent.

A artisans' market was going on and most booths had wonderful creations.  There were no farmers' market type goods at this market.

We didn't need farmers' market food anyway as we had plans to eat at Tacofino Cantina which has been featured on "Eat Street."  The fish tacos didn't disappoint us.

I'm not sure if this is the Virgin Mary or simply a saint, but she has a taco in her hands.
Nearby was another place we were told o check out.
We watched the "chocolatiers" craft the chocolates.
This machine melts the chocolate and then keeps circulating it so it doesn't harden too soon.
The shop has flavors like lavender truffle and wild blueberry buttercream, but I said "no" to those so I could have the salty caramel sundae which features a chocolate surfboard.

I had a walk in the Pacific Rim Rain Forest.  It's not as s sensational as Cathedral Grove, but has its own mystical beauty.

On the way back we stopped at Goats of Roof at Coombs.  We've been to it a few times before but always in winter when we called it Goats in Pens Behind the Store.  In the summer they are indeed on the roof.

It was a full, fun day and the only disappointment was listening to the Rider game on the radio as we drove back.

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  1. My parents used to live in chermanius so I love that area. I am always amazed at how those surfers can stand the temp of the water. I jumped in the ocean there once....once! It's not the Caribbean that's for sure!!