Friday, July 8, 2016

Time to Travel

It seems forever since Bob & I have traveled, but now we're on the first of three fun trips.  With our house/dog sitter ensconced, we are in Montana before heading to Seattle followed by Vancouver Island where we will meet up with beloved Liz.  She has some adventures planned for us which include Chemainus Theatre's Footloose, some ocean kayaking, and a tea farm.

 As we left Saskatchewan, we passed incredibly beautiful fields so we wondered why we were trading the prairies for mountains and ocean.
But then the mountains came in sight and we knew why we travel.

As a flatlander, I love looking at mountains, but I don't necessarily like being in them.  Add to this that the road we were on was open range so we had to watch for cattle ... 
...and horses.  These horses were on a part of the road where the mountain was high on one side and the drop off was enormous on the other side.  We had no choice but to follow them until they found an area where they could leave the road.

This road wasn't fun for me as Montana apparently can't afford guardrails.  Bob was his usual calm self even when I shrieked estimates of how many feet our car would tumble.

A reward was I found Aussie ginger beer at a little snack shop.  I tried not to think of its travel miles as I enjoyed it.  Just for once I forgot the "eat local/drink local" mantra.
This photo is either about Bob's new pink shirt or about  my big burger.
Yesterday evening was at Bigfork Summer Theater and part of the next three days will be there too.  Because we got to the theater early to visit with the owner, we found parking right out front.

As always, the theater's flower beds are exceptional.  I covet the tall snapdragons since the only ones I found in Weyburn are ones that grow to eight inches.

This is the theater's side lane.  They beautify everything here.  I have spindly Russian sage in my yard and this gives me the idea to underplant it with yellow.
My favorite shop is right next to the theater and its pansy planter is so cheerful. 

 It looks like we are in for some rainy days.  I'm happy to hear we got rain at home too.

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