Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Room with a View

  We used the day to travel from Seattle to Vancouver and then we caught the ferry to Vancouver Island.  

Elizabeth is assistant stage manager for Chemainus Theatre's summer production and we are looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.
We have a suite at the Best Western and our room has a balcony which looks out onto this amazing view.  I won't be reading books on the balcony as my eyes will always be drawn to the view.
Just out of view from our room, but just across from our parking lot, is this confectionery. 
 Do any of you remember Carlos who had the confectionery up on the hill in Weyburn?  He made those incredible cinnamon buns.  He moved to Chemainus and opened this place, but it was shut down and for sale the last few times we were here.  It looked freshly done up and was open for business so we stopped in.  Surprise!  He sold it, but he sold it to Weyburn people. Nicole Stainbrook and her husband own it.  Nicole was working and we had the best catch up chat.

We are waiting for it to be pitch black out and then we are heading to a beach where the water is phosphorescent.  I hope we can stir up some light.

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  1. Wow our patches could have crossed a few times!! We almost went to Spokane but wants to see the artisans by Nelson!! Great minds think alike!!