Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't Let Teachers See This Post

We were in WalMart and what sight assaulted our eyes when we entered?  This...
Yes, back to school supplies on July 8th.

If it's any consolation to you teachers, the booze is just a few aisles over.

Someone asked where we are staying.  We're in a camping cabin at the KOA in Whitefish.  It has no amenities but it does have a set of bunk beds so I wish Nathan & Riley were here to fill them.  It does have a screen door & a porch so that makes me happy.  And, yes, that is my umbrella on the porch; we are having rainy weather.

What do big boys do in rainy weather?  This one gives two thumbs up to the old fashioned pinball machines in the games' room. 
We buy the inter lake daily for local news and I always search out their police blotter.  The calls that police here deal with are hilarious.  Take a look.

We went to Kalispell's outdoor art sale and ate brisket at a picnic table with a delightful canopy of leaves above us.

I walked the historic main street of Kalispell & enjoyed this wall art.  What's it about and what's it for?
It's to beautify this bank and to make those who pass by smile.  And to think our places (ahem, Tim Hortons) don't even take ten minutes to cut back weeds.
What do the Kings do in dreary rain?  They see some of the area from inside the car.

Then we eat at the Backslope Brewing Company in Columbia Falls.
Australian friends, does this look like an Aussie burger to you?  It had a pineapple ring on it rather than beetroot.  The chef said he knew Australians put beet on it but figured no American would eat that.  A Canadian would.
I went with the red beans and rice.

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