Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Trip North

We drove to Campbell River today with the primary purpose of seeing Elk Falls Provincial Park.  All looked fine until we drove into the parking lot at Elk Falls.  The lot was thick, thick ice. 
The one kilometer trail to the falls would be pretty easy if it wasn't icy.
I don't think I would have attempted it except that some people just returning had sturdy walking sticks which they gave to us.  That made all the difference.

Thanks to the local Rotary club there is a suspension bridge and, from it, there are beautiful views of the falls. 

I've had a couple of messages asking me questions and, just to make myself feel important, I am going to answer them under a heading FAQs.  Sure, there are only two questions and, sure, each was only asked once, but I'm still calling it FAQs.


Do Bob & you go like crazy every minute of your trip or do you have lazy time?
Answer:  You bet we have lazy time.  It was from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. last night when we watched the Kennedy Center Honors.  It is my favorite television show each year and I didn't plan to miss it.
You always make everything sound so happy/happy.  Is everything on the trip truly wonderful?
Answer:  Nope.  Let me get morose and grouchy as I tell you terrible, rotten, unbelievable things about this trip.
1.  The Ladysmith Bakery that has famous cinnamon buns was closed when we stopped there today.
2.  When it was my turn to pay for lunch, Bob ordered a tomato juice.  It came and it was 6 ounces.  The bill came and the cost of said tomato juice was $4.00.
3.  Our Christmas meal cost $48/person and no beverage was included.  A lousy cup of coffee would have cost the restaurant 10 or 20 cents, but they didn't include it.
4.  I've been wearing my winter jacket the whole time.
5.  I've been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in one knee and I have a pinched nerve in that same leg. 
If it wasn't for my friend Tylenol 4 plus some physio exercises, I wouldn't be having much fun.
I can't wait for tomorrow as I know there will be more happy/happy in my life.

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