Thursday, December 29, 2016

Picture Poor, Friendship Rich

Today we had the opportunity to spend hours with my childhood friend Karen and her husband Kim.  I may not have remembered to take photos, but I did remember to
and when I was finished with that, I remembered to
Karen did the same. Perhaps our husbands did too but we can't confirm that as we weren't really listening to them.  So what did we talk about for hours and hours?  The past, the present, the future, life, current events, retirement, travels, kids, grand kids, hopes, dreams, aches & pains, gardening, boating: all those normal things that make our lives interesting.

Where did this all happen?  It started at a really good restaurant

and continued in a really good cafe.

When Karen and Kim headed back to Salt Spring, I wasn't too lonely because the Willow Street dog Chica wanted to play fetch.  She's not the conversationalist that Karen is.
Happy anniversary, Karen and Kim, and thanks for today.

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