Friday, December 30, 2016

Wondering as We Wander

This morning on our way to Nanaimo we wondered which breakfast to select at the Old Town Bakery in Ladysmith.

Bob opted for the blueberry cinnamon bun and I went for the lemon currant scone.
When I saw the price of their fruitcakes, I wondered if I owe my sister Jocelyn about $100 as she sent me so much of her delicious fruitcake this year.
The washroom sign made me wonder why all places can't make facilities easy for all people.
In Nanaimo we wandered around the waterfront.

Note the sea plane taking off and the ferry heading out in this photo.
I wondered if I would slip of the path since it was definitely frosty.
We met our friend Susan in a Nanaimo coffee shop and had a great visit.
In the shop I wondered which tip cup would be fuller.
The tattoo one was much fuller.

Bob, Liz and I walked around Chemainus Lake.  The two of them planned to find me the perfect walking stick.

Option #1:
Option #2:
Option #3:
I wondered if I should find my own.

We wondered what the difference between a hike and a walk is.  Terrain?  Distance?  Urban versus rural?  We don't know.

Come along on the walk/hike.  It was truly beautiful.

This is Elizabeth's favorite tree.

Back in Chemainus I wondered why a town with a population of 3035 needs two cannabis shops.

I really wonder if we are eating too much good food.
Finally I wonder if you'll pray the Coquihalla is dry and bare of snow when we cross it.
This is from today's paper.


  1. It was great seeing you both today!! Thanks for coming to Nanaimo for coffee. I got a chuckle about your pondering two cannabis shops in Chemainus. This is BC....they are the equivalent of Starbucks pretty on every corner it seems!! I saw that photo of the Coquihalla earlier and thought of you. Safe travels!!

  2. You might wan to stay till spring...just buy a machine there!