Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

We hope none of you are crazy busy as Christmas approaches.  Bob & I had a relaxing day, but dear daughter had to work a show.  I encouraged her to skip work so we could play Scrabble all day.  Unfortunately her foolish parents instilled a work ethic into her so my whining didn't work. We did get in a couple of games this morning while we had coffee at the Willow Street Cafe.

Bob needed to do some scraping before we drove anywhere today.

Wet, fluffy snow fell for a short while.
I don't have a photo of them, but I watched two hummingbirds for the longest time.

I saw more window displays with some being less appropriate than others.

I walked to see some new murals created this year including this one inspired by Emily Carr.
I wonder if Emily would care that it's in a back alley by dumpsters.  Chemainus is so small (population: 3000) and the murals so plentiful that the town is running out of space.
Time by the water?  Yes.
When Elizabeth was done work, we drove to Victoria and had supper at the Irish Times.  It was super busy and the many, many kilted staff were very pleasant, probably because tips were pouring in.

In our hotel room we created this abstract present tree.  What's a better present than a melted snowman ring?

We walked along the harbor and were advised to go to the Inn at Laurel Point to see the gingerbread house competition which raises money for Hope for Humanity.  We're glad we went.

This was our favorite.
Rob, you have to love Postman Pat ...
and, Nathan, Paddington was really well done.
Here's another amazing one:
Merry Christmas, one and all!

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