Friday, December 23, 2016

To Nanaimo for Nanaimo Bars

I think today involved too much food.  Hopefully Christmas day will be less gluttonful.  And, yes, I coined the word gluttonful and it certainly describes us as we were gluttons and we are full.  Let me get food details out of the way and then tell about where we went to wear off a few of the calories.
Going into the Willow Street Cafe this morning for tea and a game of Scrabble seemed innocuous enough ...

... until Bob joined us and bought a humongous and delicious scone.
We headed to the Crow and Gate in Nanaimo for lunch.
They don't just feed hungry patrons but birds as well.  Their meal probably costs less, but ours was more delicious.  
I usually have the Stilton ploughman's lunch here, but today I opted for the Stilton and leek quiche.
Our mid afternoon coffee break saw us at Bocca's in Nanaimo for two flavors of Nanaimo bars.  Nanaimo has a beautiful, free brochure which features a Nanaimo bars' trail where you can eat the sweet at many, many different places.  I really distressed our waitress by telling her that in New York Nanaimo bars are called "New York Specials" and that New Yorkers think this dainty was created there.
Tonight Elizabeth treated us to her show and the pre-show buffet meal.  Have a look:
Jocelyn, the salad bar had these pickled, dilled herring.
Here are my salad choices.  I stayed clear of the herring.
The entree choices were plentiful.
And the desserts ... ah, the desserts.

Here are some photos from the grounds of the Crow and Gate.

In Nanaimo, for some calorie burning, we went to Neck Point Park where there is a Finn Beach.
Finn would have loved the place and the dogs there were certainly enjoying their romps.  The stairs on steep parts are sharp metal, but parts are covered so dogs don't injure their feet.
The sky and water were gray today and infinity was very much in my head with the two joining together so seamlessly.

So much of the wind-ravaged landscape made me think of how the Group of Seven would have reproduced the scenes if they had been west coast painters.  Emily Carr was definitely in my thoughts.

What is it with people decorating random trees?  A couple were done along the trail in Neck Point Park.  Does someone say to himself, "I'm going to fill my backpack with ornaments as I'll have a compulsion to decorate part way through my walk"?
The Chemainus Festival Theatre is a place we really recommend.  You won't get tickets for A Christmas Story because greedy people [us] are seeing it twice.  Be envious.

While we dined, a fellow played Christmas tunes on a grand piano.  I like seeing the pile of music he could choose from.
Weyburn people, we may have rain and gray skies here, but I hear for you that a storm's a comin'!  Stay safe and warm.

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