Saturday, December 31, 2016

Early Blog Post for a Late Night

Today is our last night on the Island and morning will come early as we are leaving here at 5:15 to catch the ferry.

We'll end 2016 in fine style by seeing A Christmas Story again.
We ate an early New Year's Eve meal at the Sawmill Tap House.  Notice how one of the draft handles is a saxophone.
Bob opted for lots of football time and I opted for ocean and forest time.

The paddle boarders definitely needed their wet suits today.

I went to the Askew Creek Park right in Chemainus and once you step in, you have no clue that there is a town surrounding the park.
Parts of the trail are wider than other parts.

Trees have great tenacity.  They grow where they want.

When I got back to the Willow Street Cafe, a hummingbird thrilled me by letting me come closer and closer.  You have to understand that the next photo is taken with my cheapy camera that is many years old.
Good place.  Good people.  Good times.  Now, however, it's time to head home.  I actually have a yen for housecleaning and surely Bob wants to wield his shovel.

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