Sunday, December 25, 2016

We Three Kings of Victoria Are

Santa found us this morning and we had fun scattering paper all over our hotel room.  Here are some favorites out of my stocking.  Santa (aka Bob) was shopping in a Chemainus silver store and mentioned to the clerk that he was shopping while his wife and daughter were playing Scrabble.  The clerk whipped this magnetic Scrabble out from under the counter and gave it to Bob.  She said, "someone gave this to me three years ago and I have no use for it.  Give it to your wife or daughter,"  Since Liz and I are both Scrabblees, we already have these magnetic letters, but are happy to have more along with the story.
We spend the afternoon at Butchart Gardens.  We hear it's sensational at night as it's lit for Christmas, but we were really impressed with our daylight wanderings there.

As we traveled through the park, we looked for their Twelve Days of Christmas displays.  Here they are:

You can't see all five rings here, but there are five.

It was difficult to photograph the lords-a-leaping as they popped up over the hedge at different times.  We did the best we could.

I was impressed that Butchart Gardens allows dogs.  People were with dogs and dogs were with people which only made the afternoon more fun.

Tonight was a turkey meal at the Royal Scot with Joan and now we are off to La La Land.

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