Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Very Beary Christmas

By December 27th Christmas should be over.  However, it wasn't quite for us because the hotel across from ours had a Christmas teddy bear display which aided Vancouver Island Kids.
There were many, many sweet bears and here are a few ... especially ones that Nathan and Riley will like.
I don't mean they will like seeing Guinness Bear, but rather the rest of the bears.  The Jonescu uncles might like the Guinness bear best!
This fisherman bear appealed to me.
See how many fish he caught.

From there we went to the Blue Fox Cafe for breakfast.  Glenda, is this one you recommended?
Here's Liz's egg benny.
We went to Sidney and my non sea glass family members agreed to search for fifteen minutes.  I instructed them to find only rarer colors and we came away with a small bag of glass.
Sidney is a book lover's heaven.
Here even statues read.
Sidney's population is similar to Weyburn's but it has much tourist traffic and many senior citizens.  I saw at least six bookstores and I might not have seen them all.

Back in Chemainus I had water time as I always do.

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