Monday, December 26, 2016

O Christmas Treezzzzzzzzz

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate people using "Z" to make words plural?

We went to the Victoria Festival of Trees today and the trees do not compare to the ones created for the Weyburn Festival of Trees.  Perhaps it's because they aren't auctioned so their beauty and uniqueness don't matter as much.
Here are some good ones.

The next is Elizabeth's favorite.

The next is my favorite.  With its Legion poppies it became even more meaningful when we had supper with a World War II veteran and his war bride wife.  They've been married 71 years.

The next is Bob's favorite.

Yesterday we saw La La Land and today we saw Manchester by the Sea.  When you have seen them, I would love to discuss them with you.
We saw them both at the same cineplex and all of their theaters have recliners.  We were very comfortable.
Bob & I wore our Christmas socks.

Supper tonight was at Joan's.  It I go strictly by genealogy, she is my first cousin once removed through marriage.  If I go by how special she is, then she is my important and dear relative.

Here's Joan with Bob last night when she joined us for Christmas supper at the Royal Scot.
She had other friends for the meal and conversation never lagged.  We had a wonderful night of good food and conversation in a house beautifully decorated for the season.

I think I will be combing thrift stores now to collect jewelry to make one of these trees.

Joan's tree has many shell ornaments which reminded us of Florida and the ones, now gone, whom we loved so much.
While we are adventuring here, it looks like the grandkids are having a good time at home.
One last thing:  Elizabeth and I continue play Scrabble and we hope you believe most of our scores look like this:

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