Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Fully Dramatic Day

Two plays today weren't enough to feed our love of theater so we signed up for a props and costumes tour and then Elizabeth got us in to see them strike the afternoon show "Alice: Through the Looking Glass" and bring in the set for tonight's show Hay Fever.
The props and costume tour was incredible.  How lucky are the 100 sewers
 at Stratford who get up five days and a week and say, "I can go to my job now and sew magical, incredible costumes using out-of-this-world designs, fabrics, and trim."
The building we toured contains 65,000 costume pieces and 10,000 items of footwear.
This one is a Macbeth costume.  Although it's still incredibly heavy, the studs are plastic to help reduce the weight.
Costumes are hung in an orderly fashion, first by era and then by type and color. 
Props are also well organized with this being the casket section.
This prop looks like he needs to visit the aforementioned casket area.
When I was at the Comp, I never got tired of taking students to the costume room for the first time.  They could never resist trying on this and that.  This tour must know that even adults can't resist so they have a large area of costumes which will never be used again that tour folks can try on.  It's irresistible.  Even Bob was willing to try things on.  One benefit of dressing up in these is it added another element to our appreciation of actors.  Lots of the costumes are very, very heavy so some  actors are not only acting but also, sometimes, carrying pounds and pounds of weight in costumes.

I plopped this tam on Bob's head in case he doesn't buy himself one in Scotland.
Here's an illegal photo of the set change-over.
We're so glad Elizabeth has chosen a career in theater - it gives Bob and me many perks!

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  1. You need a gold cloak like the one you tried on Brenda. Not only does it look good on you but it would keep out the cold drafts in winter.