Sunday, June 15, 2014

And the Roads Get Narrower

I promised Bob narrower roads today and that's what we got.  At home I don't think I've been on narrower roads except to get to the "secret" saskatoon patch Mom had.  One of these narrow roads was over a mountain but we weren't much more than started when we found a place to turn around.  The roads are one lane but traffic is in two directions so when someone is coming from the other way, one of you has to wait in a little layby.  If there isn't one handy, then one of you has to back up until you find one.  Such fun!  At least Bob didn't have to remember to drive on the left side because there weren't two sides.

If any of you are wondering about gas prices, here they are:
To convert euros to Canadian dollars you add about 1/2 again so a liter is something like $2.27.  We're getting a deal because our vehicle is diesel.
We went to the Dingle Peninsula today stopping at the town of Adare on the way.  It is billed as the prettiest town in Ireland mainly because of the thatched cottages.  We had seen only two before we got to Adare.  The flowers and old buildings there also added to the charm.

From there we went to Tralee where we unexpectedly found a magnificent rose garden.  They have their rose festival in August which surprised me since the roses were in full bloom now. You can get an idea of how large some of the roses are by the picture with my hand next to one; remember, I have chubby, large hands.

There were a few palm trees too ... go figure!
One of the beautiful, old churches there is easy to remember because it's St. Vincent de Paul. Lots of churches have bunting hung in front of them.  I'm not sure if it's because it's church fete season or just because bunting is so joyous.
We went  to a beach on the peninsula and found many people relaxing and many dogs smelling wet and doggy.
The views on the peninsula were stunning.

On the way back to Athlone we stopped at Tullamore to see a giant oak tree.  To be tiny we don't have to eat less, we just have to stand in front of this tree.

There is also a gothic style castle there.

Time for bed here ... more fun tomorrow.

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