Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Riverdance in Dublin

We left Scotland and landed back in Dublin where we picked up another rental car and found our B&B.  Way back in March, Bob bought "Riverdance" tickets for my birthday.  The day finally arrived when we could use them.
The show was amazing.  The older woman beside me kept murmuring "fabulous" after each bit.  Too bad I didn't have a book of other superlatives to hand her.  On the other side of us was a netball player from Castle Hill, NSW.  She became very chatty when she found out we were somewhat familiar with her northern suburb of Sydney and those around it.  She has been playing in a women's netball league in London for two years and now is heading home.  If you ever have a chance to see this show right in Dublin, do it.
Here are a few other things from yesterday:
Here I'm conversing with either Gogarty or Joyce; I can't tell these Irish guys apart.
Bob had cottage pie for supper while I had chowder and mussels.

We ate at the Quay Restaurant at Temple Bar.  We don't belong to the demographic group this area is geared for, but we enjoyed it anyway.  We sat by a couple from Trenton, NJ and heard of their trials since their house was flooded by Hurricane Sandy two years ago.

People squash their bottle caps into the roads in the Temple Bar area.
I love T.J. Maxx in the States so had a quick look in its sister store. 
Here's how Bob spends time in shopping malls.
Not too many signs have confused us, but this one did.
Here's what happens when you put a t.v. outside your bar when the World Cup is on.
Skip this if you don't want to hear my political commentary for today.  Young women of the world, I don't care how toned you are, how skinny, how athletic and muscled, you do NOT look good when your butt hangs lower than your shorts.  I will be so happy when this fashion fad ends.  Elizabeth and Crystal, don't even think about it!
One full day to go in Ireland.  We plan to make the most of it.


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